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 I wrote a song about it, it must be true


Lilith And Her Demons: A Concept Album

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Alleluia (Ulysses Missa)

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Communion Hymn (Ulysses Missa)

NonPublic Group Sectional Championship Winner

NonPublic Group Sectional Championship Winner

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about the artist

not a witch, not a psychic, and certainly no saint

Sarah Norcross Hough is a NYC based songwriter and new musical theater composer. Her music draws from folk, indie rock, and classical influences and often focuses on sexuality, religion, and nature. Her theater work has been seen in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Polyphone Festival for New Musicals, The Tank NYC, and NY Theater Festival and in cooperation with Apartment 20 Theater  and REV Theatre Company.



i don't want to be sanguine

cause out in a crowd

you can see what a monster i am

Norcross @ The Tank Pridefest

I'll be playing a solo 30 minute slot on a triple bill as a part of The Tank NYC's Pridefest  on June 23rd at 9:30 pm and June 24 at 7:00 pm. Join me as I embark on a journey from high school to now exploring what it means to "come out" and why a person needs to have the freedom to do that. 


Norcross is an evening of mostly music and some stories as Sarah shares the ways in which her music has always expressed the intimate details of what queerness means to her, the good and the bad of celebrating it,  and the ways in which she's tried and failed to deny it.

Ulysses Missa

Based on the Catholic Mass because of Catholicism’s relevance to Ireland, Joyce, and literature, Ulysses Missa is a subversive ritual for all who want to pay reverence to one of the greatest literary achievements of the 20th Century. It highlights themes of nationalism, a trinitarian relationship between Joyce and his protagonists, sacrificial relationships, and the creative spirit. Nominated for Best Music Score in NY Theater Festival Summerfest.

Lilith And Her Demons

Announcement for Lilith and Her Demons digital production in The Polyphone Festival for New Musicals 2021. Music and lyrics by Sarah Norcross Hough.


stay in the loop

I wanna be your first mistake, but I won’t be your last

Cause my misery really likes your company

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